Name: Claude Caron
Age: ???
Occupation: Professional Geek
Birthday: March 17th
Favorite Color: Black, Purple, Green
Favorite Food: PizzaFavorite
Music: Garage Punk
Hobbies: Anything music  & video related.


•At work as an I.T. Tech, I’m known as Mr. Claude
•Before I went to school to be a computer geek…I seriously knew nothing about computers other than basic word processing.
•I’m a MacGeek…Happily made the switch from the PC a little over 2 years ago
•I used to work in broadcasting (and if I could go back…I would!!)
•I’m a gym junkie…2 times a day! (mainly cuz I like looking at the pretty women at the gym)
•I sometimes (OK, most times!!), come off as an asshole…Unless you’re “special” to me
•I have 2 crazy cats (yes, I like cats!)
•Been an atheist for over 20 years, but most recently “came out” of the atheist closet
•Happily single…but always open for anything.


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